Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dusty's Christmas Card Archive No.1 - 2006

The Verse Within...

The All-New Dusty Monkey Christmas Song!

Dusty Monkey… he’s been away for some while

Dusty Monkey… have you missed his grimacing smile?

He’s been travelling far and wide in search of the Christmas Owl

But when Dusty finally found him it made him cuss and scowl!


Dusty Monkey... you should have heard him gibber and wail

When searching for the Christmas Owl in the snow and hail

The Christmas Owl did spot him as he crossed the snow and ice

But Dusty just threw at him, poisoned voles, and mice!


Dusty Monkey…. you wouldn’t have thought him so cruel

But Dusty don’t like Christmas with its tide of yule!

Well Dusty’s Owl adventures were something of a farce

But if you want a kiss this Christmas…You can kiss his purple arse!


1 comment:

  1. Tide of Yule? Surely gruel could have been shoehorned in there Mr. Monkey.
    I think you would also be disqualified for repetition of "snow", "Christmas" and suchlike.

    And just think... two more lines and it would have been a sonnet.

    There's class!

    Also, Christmas Owl is an anagram of Shit Calms Row... which could be true.