Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Stack-O-Owls

Having just noticed that Mr D and his Cornish birding capers has started up once more in the blogosphere, I thought i had better do likewise, having been dormant for sometime myself....

The Ashy-faced Barn Owl in Morrisson's foyer in Mr Ds last post inspired me to consider how to improve the promotion and raising of funds for owls in the owl sanctuarys of this world.

Owls as we now, are very nice indeed, whether they be on their own or in a parliament.

However, if you go to any town centre on market day, agricultural show or indeed more recently,supermarket, you can often find a display of owls from your local owl sanctuary. Usually perched on logs or flapping around on their tethers, disturbed by the poking and shreiking of small boys and their clouds of filthy cigarette smoke and the like!

Is this the best way to promote owls and raise funds for your sanctuary you may ask?  The fickle public may show some passing interest and toss a copper (or cigarette butt) or two into the sweaty collecting box. What is needed is something more eye-catching to draw the punters in, to captivate their interest and their wallets.

My suggestion is the 'Stack-o-Owls'. Stacking owls on top of each other in a pyramid with the largest owl on the bottom is surely the way to go. For example ...The 'British Stack', featuring Snowy,(or should we include the eagle owl??) Tawny, Long-eared,  Barn and Little. Or the reverse British stack, which by rights should include two or more little owls at the base for weight bearing purposes, unless you happen to have a particularly stout individual. 

Of course here in the UK, i think it is fair to say that we have heavy middle section; that is a very similarly sized range of owls in the middle stack bracket. Bearing this in mind, perhaps a 'Pan-European Stack' would provide a more triangular and uniform display.... e.g. Eagle, Ural, Tawny, Tengmalm's, Scops and Pygmy. Or perhaps, eager readers, you could come up with your own favourite owl stack of all time? You are allowed to use any of the owl species in the world, with the exception of the fishing owls. These owls are much happier out of the stack in rows, engaged in bank-side angling competitions, tossing in gentles or sweetcorn for to bait the swim etc.

Two owls in the hand....ok, but not over exciting!

But look here.....
......Two 'Stacks-O-Owls'(artists impression), which is clearly much better!

I think if owl sanctuary's take on board this innovative novel approach, they will find their coffers overflowing!

Please note: No owls were harmed, scared or even mildly alarmed in the writing of this blog. 

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