Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dusty Likes......Smoke Fairies

I am a bit out of touch with new music these days as you'll have no doubt gathered, but found these on the internet earlier (ain't actually that new it seems)and liked them  alot.....

Some more ....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Stack-O-Owls

Having just noticed that Mr D and his Cornish birding capers has started up once more in the blogosphere, I thought i had better do likewise, having been dormant for sometime myself....

The Ashy-faced Barn Owl in Morrisson's foyer in Mr Ds last post inspired me to consider how to improve the promotion and raising of funds for owls in the owl sanctuarys of this world.

Owls as we now, are very nice indeed, whether they be on their own or in a parliament.

However, if you go to any town centre on market day, agricultural show or indeed more recently,supermarket, you can often find a display of owls from your local owl sanctuary. Usually perched on logs or flapping around on their tethers, disturbed by the poking and shreiking of small boys and their clouds of filthy cigarette smoke and the like!

Is this the best way to promote owls and raise funds for your sanctuary you may ask?  The fickle public may show some passing interest and toss a copper (or cigarette butt) or two into the sweaty collecting box. What is needed is something more eye-catching to draw the punters in, to captivate their interest and their wallets.

My suggestion is the 'Stack-o-Owls'. Stacking owls on top of each other in a pyramid with the largest owl on the bottom is surely the way to go. For example ...The 'British Stack', featuring Snowy,(or should we include the eagle owl??) Tawny, Long-eared,  Barn and Little. Or the reverse British stack, which by rights should include two or more little owls at the base for weight bearing purposes, unless you happen to have a particularly stout individual. 

Of course here in the UK, i think it is fair to say that we have heavy middle section; that is a very similarly sized range of owls in the middle stack bracket. Bearing this in mind, perhaps a 'Pan-European Stack' would provide a more triangular and uniform display.... e.g. Eagle, Ural, Tawny, Tengmalm's, Scops and Pygmy. Or perhaps, eager readers, you could come up with your own favourite owl stack of all time? You are allowed to use any of the owl species in the world, with the exception of the fishing owls. These owls are much happier out of the stack in rows, engaged in bank-side angling competitions, tossing in gentles or sweetcorn for to bait the swim etc.

Two owls in the hand....ok, but not over exciting!

But look here.....
......Two 'Stacks-O-Owls'(artists impression), which is clearly much better!

I think if owl sanctuary's take on board this innovative novel approach, they will find their coffers overflowing!

Please note: No owls were harmed, scared or even mildly alarmed in the writing of this blog. 

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dusty's Christmas Card Archive No.1 - 2006

The Verse Within...

The All-New Dusty Monkey Christmas Song!

Dusty Monkey… he’s been away for some while

Dusty Monkey… have you missed his grimacing smile?

He’s been travelling far and wide in search of the Christmas Owl

But when Dusty finally found him it made him cuss and scowl!


Dusty Monkey... you should have heard him gibber and wail

When searching for the Christmas Owl in the snow and hail

The Christmas Owl did spot him as he crossed the snow and ice

But Dusty just threw at him, poisoned voles, and mice!


Dusty Monkey…. you wouldn’t have thought him so cruel

But Dusty don’t like Christmas with its tide of yule!

Well Dusty’s Owl adventures were something of a farce

But if you want a kiss this Christmas…You can kiss his purple arse!


Monkeys are not just for Christmas!

Dusty says, don't buy a monkey this Christmas.....

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dusty Down West

The following day after visiting The Lost Heron, I headed down west to the Hayle estuary for a bit of birding and more importantly a pasty from the famous Hampsons of Hayle.

The usual suspects were present on the estuary with wigeon, curlew, dunlin and gulls a plenty and a couple of ruff were present seen from the pub car park. 

It was then off to The Lizard for a spot of in-van camping. On arrival in the village we were greeted by a burnt out car, not quite what one expects there.

A late afternoon walk around the headland produced only a couple of chough, which were feeding in a stubble field.

Camping was had courtesy of Henry's....

Johnny fox put in an appearance, and Dusty did not approve of the price of eggs and thought the tariff marginally high for an on farm product.

Thats put the monkey amongst the ducks!?

The finest fish (pollack) and chips i have had in years was had at the Witches Ball in the evening, washed down with a couple of pints of Dartmoor best bitter. Later a few more pints of St. Austell brewery Tribute were enjoyed at the Top House.

Monday night is folk night! Which was ok. I believe the pub  changed hands in March this year. The serpentine beer pumps are no longer present unfortunately.

Folk in the Top House.

After a marvellous nights sleep in the van and waking up with a hangover, another walk around the headland was in order. Evidence of badger activity was found, and a black redstart was seen briefy in the garden and on the roof of the most southerly house.

Badger Footprint.

No more choughs were seen, but this house sparrow posed nicely.

After another pasty from Ann's Pasty shop in Lizard village, we headed back towards Devon via Stithians reservoir, which was very quiet on the bird front.

The Lost Heron of Heligan

Had a week down in Devon and Cornwall. Mr Dawson and I managed to see the Green Heron at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Very nice too!

It was very dark and shady, so pics are a bit grainy I am afraid.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

There's Lovely....

A marvelous weekend of drinking and merryment was had by all at Rowen YHA in the Hills near Conwy, North Wales. Everyone except me that is! I spent most of the time locked in the van of course as i cannot be trusted around alcohol at the best of times!

Here are a few photographs of when I managed to escape for a few minutes and a few others taken by that drunken reprobate who drives me around!

Penwythnos wych o yfed a merryment Cafodd pawb yn Rowen YHA yn y Hills ger Conwy yng ngogledd Cymru. Mae pawb yn eithrio mi fod yn! Treuliais y rhan fwyaf o'r amser yn y fan, wrth gwrs, gan na ellir gellir ymddiried ynddo fi o gwmpas alcohol ar yr adegau gorau!

Dyma ychydig o ffotograffau o pan fyddaf yn llwyddo i ddianc am ychydig funudau ac ychydig o rai eraill a gymerwyd gan y anghymeradwy drunken sy'n gyrru fi o gwmpas!

Dusty Likes Dave's New Car! Dusty Likes Parcio Dave's New!

 Honestly folks they are this big in Canada!
Onest Folks hyn maent yn fawr yng Nghanada!

That's it for now isnt it!
Dyna ni am y tro isnt it!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dusty Likes.....Emit Bloch

Not sure if any of you have heard of this guy, but I heard him on the radio this afternoon in session, had a nice pedal steel! From Utah, but now lives in London.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dusty Likes....The Quebe Sisters Band

I heard these foxy young'uns on the radio tonight from the Cambridge folk festival and thought they sounded rather good. Western swing with a touch of the 'Solid Potato Salad' vocal harmonies! From Fort Worth Texas, I believe.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Disco Drug Store!

This shop is in Strood in Kent, not sure what they sell!